Our 5-layer mask anti-dust and anti-pollution mask made with a combination of filters, fibres and cloth which ensure clean and comfortable breathing.

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Airwell – Your Ultimate N95 Face Mask Store Online


Breathing is an essential part of life. We inhale air to supply our bodies with oxygen, necessary fuel for our existence. It is no news that the air we breathe today is contaminated with smoke, pollen, dust, bacteria, viruses, and allergens, turning the life-giving process like breathing a life-threatening one. 


Unfortunately, masks have become a necessity not just to fight the pandemic but also safeguard ourselves from the rising levels of dust and pollution in the country. Fortunately, preventing the entry of deadly particles into the lungs is possible with the help of face masks. With tons of options in masks available in the market, it is not uncommon to get confused. From gas masks to surgical masks, each of them is designed for a specific purpose. And when it comes to protecting yourself and your loved ones from the long term side-effects of air pollution, you need to consider buying an N95 mask online.


What is a N95 Mask?


It’s a proven filtration technology which ensures that more than 95% of 0.3 micron particles are successfully filtered by the filter/mask thereby protecting the wearer from these particles from entering our lungs.  Additionally, 0.3 micron is the most difficult size particle to capture and includes  bacteria, viruses, dust, pollen and air-borne particles.


Explore Our N95 Masks Online 


You deserve to breathe clean air, and we will ensure that you get to do so. With our elaborate collection of N95 masks at Airwell, you buy your favourite face mask online at affordable prices. Made from comfortable material and flexible padding that help with rubber or elastic straps, the mask will stay positioned on your face appropriately to prevent the entry of harmful contaminants. 


Our masks incorporate 5-layer protection that is meant to ward off pollution and dust, ensuring that every breath you take is clean and free of pollutants. The 5-layer technology we use includes  – 


●        Layer 1: Moisture Repellent Hydrophobic Fabric

●        Layer 2: High-Efficiency Meltblown Filter 

●        Layer 3: Hot Air Cushion

●        Layer 4: High-Efficiency Meltblown Filter 

●        Layer 5: Moisture Absorption Hydrophilic Fabric


It is not possible to stay locked inside the comfort of your home forever. You may need to go out for work, get groceries, or simply take a long walk to clear your head. When you buy N95 mask India from us, you won’t have to worry about stepping out of your home every now and then.


Our masks are designed specifically to prevent airborne particles from gaining entry into your body to cause harm. At affordable prices, our N95 masks are an absolute steal. Go through our gallery and start browsing through our options today to make your pick. 


Customise Your MASK for your protection! 


Who said all face masks have to look boring? At Airwell, you will find customisable options in face masks, designed for ease and comfort. At Airwell, you will get the opportunity to choose your mask colour, loop design, and pair it up with an interesting loop colour. 


If you wish to buy face mask online that’s customised for you this Diwali, all you need to do is follow a few simple steps. 


Step I – Browse through our mask styles to pick your favourite. 


Step II – Make sure you select your preferred colour and patterns from our elaborate range of options. From dark blue polka dots to yellow checks, you will have to all. 


Step III – Choose a design for a head or earloop and spice it up with attractive colours. 


Now you are all set to celebrate your Diwali festivities without having to worry about the pollution. Place your order today to have your order delivered to you in a unique Ziplock packaging in a matter of no time. 


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